“Kill the Sea Turtles”

A federal judge in North Carolina has ruled the state can not offer Pro-Life specialized license plates without offering options from other viewpoints. Pro-Life advocates were quoted by news sources for saying the ruling suggests the state will now have to offer Kill The Sea Turtle plates to counter the Save The Sea Turtle option.


I’m not kidding you and it is ridiculous;  the response, not the ruling. The ruling falls in line with previous Viewpoint Discrimination allegations. When Group A is as popular as, as large as, as loud as, as rich as Group B, both groups are given equal ground to wage their battles, or at least the appearance of equal ground. The response trivializes the issue. So does quoting the response. The sarcasm is disrespectful to both sides of the issue. Whether or not someone chooses to save or kill sea turtles isn’t an equivalent constitutionally protected area of choice.

Besides, you don’t have to donate to the kill the sea turtle foundation to kill the sea turtles, just keep driving that SUV and they’ll die all on their own. A more appropriate sarcastic response may have been to state the state will now have to offer a Save the Ducks option to counter the Ducks Unlimited option. Not that saving or not saving ducks is a constitutionally protected area of choice, but the guns used in duck hunting are, so it would be a closer analogy.

Pro Plates

No doubt the ruling will piss off a great number of very loud people. There are 29 states with Pro-Life license plates and only four of those offer Pro-Choice license plates as well. That’s a lot of lawsuits. Maybe the answer isn’t answering any of them. Maybe the answer is getting rid of the hundreds of license plate options. Specialized license plates were passive activism before Facebook let you Like This Post to save the world.



There you have it. Your turn.

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