Gun control is not criminal control

I am not a gun person: I don’t own any and I’ve shot one once. It was at a turkey shoot and I didn’t do well. I thought I had done well because there was a hole smack in the center of the bull’s-eye, but then I found out it was one of those bullets that had hundreds of little pellets inside so I actually missed the target, big time. See, not a gun person. But I am not against guns.

I am not against marksmanship, or hunting. I am not against personal and property protection. I am against murder: individual and mass. 

Stricter gun control is an idealistic aspiration much like prohibition. Prohibition did nothing, nothing, to stop the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of alcohol. Laws don’t eliminate problems; minimize, yes, but they don’t eliminate. Have you ever witnessed a car speeding? Drugs are illegal, but who smokes crack, snorts coke, or shoots heroine anymore? Prostitutes have all become therapists, and we leave our cars and homes unlocked and unattended.

Gun control isn’t criminal control. There are felons out there right now carrying concealed firearms.

It’s important to deter and make mass murder more difficult to carry out, and carry out with such large numbers of victims, and law-abiding citizens will feel the pressure of whatever the answer will be to the senseless deaths of innocent neighbors. I don’t know what the answer is.

I know Australia and Japan have had success with the ban of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. I’ve heard bullet control thrown around as an option. Complete elimination has been mentioned, as has not changing a single damn thing. Whatever comes of this newly ignited fight, something must happen to stop the bad guys without punishing the good guys.

Many of the people carrying out these mass attacks are committing suicide. They are individuals angry with individuals taking that anger out on groups with the intention of ending their own lives after ending the lives of others. The off switch isn’t there, but the determination is.

I’ve been that angry. I’ve been so damn pissed off at the world fucking angry that I admitted out loud to my closest girlfriend that I understood the anger that drove murder. I didn’t and I don’t understand the action. Acting on that anger didn’t occur to me. Writing about it did.

There is time between getting that angry and acting on that anger. Steps have to be taken to think of murder and then commit murder. Somewhere in that time the off switch should activate, but when it doesn’t the determination to kill will take that angry person through every step necessary up to and including pulling the trigger, no matter what the trigger of choice may be, be it a gun, a knife, or a fist.

I don’t think we can stop a killer from trying to kill, but we can stop a killer from killing. Somehow. There’s got to be a way. I don’t know that tightening gun laws is going to give us the result we are looking for. Changing laws changes circumstances for people who follow laws.


There you have it. Your turn.

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