Road Peace

I have a thing against Road Rage. I don’t get why some people feel it’s necessary or gives them some kind of advantage. Crawling up my bumper isn’t going to get any of us anywhere any faster. I’m more of a writer than a mathematician, but I can do the basics of distance equals rate times time.


I am guilty of the occasional middle finger out the driver’s side window. It’s not something I’m proud of, and the receiver of the gesture is only fueled and isn’t going to stop and think, hey maybe I shouldn’t drive like an ass.

I do try to be a nice little car though. It’s my daily contribution to Peace on Roads. I drive with the flow of traffic, not faster or slower. I use my turn signal and generally remember to turn it off when I’m finished with it. When another car signals, I let them over. I have been stuck in a lane I didn’t want to be in and unable to get out of it because no one will let me over, so I try not to stick someone else in the same conundrum. I let people cross in crosswalks without honking, creeping, or giving dirty looks.

I am also the one who won’t take the closest available parking space. I’ll leave it for someone else, someone who may be disabled but not enough for a sticker and could use a closer spot; though I know it’s not generally saved by the next car in the row. I’m willing to be the first one to stop at a red light instead of holding up the perpendicular traffic by insisting that I get through NOW. It gets me honked at, a lot.

I don’t text and drive. I don’t email and drive. I don’t blog and drive. I don’t drink and drive. I drive and drive, though. As a result, I usually make it where I am going without raising my blood pressure or my insurance rates.

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15 thoughts on “Road Peace

  1. Love this post. I love how you leave the closest parking space in hopes of someone in need finding it, even when you know that someone else will probably take it. That is a true gift without expectation of returns. I love the term Road Peace. We should make a bumper sticker. “Just give Road Peace a Chance.” Thank you for being a part of B4Peace. Love your humor and insight.


    • Thank you for starting this. It took me a while to commit. Really I am afraid of letting you down by not completing the challenge, but one post a month, sheesh, I was being silly.


      • What? Melanie! Is this your other blog. You are so complex and unique.
        Don’t worry about letting us down, anything you can add will be much appreciated. This post alone makes you an honorary member. 🙂


        • It is indeed me. I found I was aching to write more, so I created a new place to explore other topics. I was torn where to blog for peace because it would make sense to counter the violence with peace, but I know I am not very peaceful with my ex and it felt a little hypocritical even though I could practice peace and write about working towards it…oh goodness, can you see the conflict in my head?


          • Maybe your two blogs can battle it out and form a new love child/blog. haha.
            Love both your blogs. When I first read “This is my corn” I wondered who this witty and insightful writer was and why they were not freshly pressed. Now I understand. Can’t wait for more posts on both blogs.


  2. Hi Melanie! I’m linking this to my post today! Thanks! I love the simple kindness you point out. I remember the Dalai Lama saying “My religion is kindness.”
    On our Journey together being Kind to each other…


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