Emergency redefined by CNN

I watch the news. Every day. I really actually do. I get in some CNN and some CBS. I read some ABC and some Atlanta Journal Constitution. I don’t expect to be enlightened. I expect noise. I get noise. When I want something thought provoking I read The New York Times, listen to NPR, or watch The Daily Show.

It’s really a matter of not missing out. I wasn’t in the habit of watching the news when Saddam Hussein was captured or when Osama bin Laden was killed. My mom called, said she thought I’d want to know. I found out Michael Jackson and Whitney Huston died from Facebook. No body called; everyone knew I wouldn’t care. Right now I’m in a news habit. I’ll get over it soon enough. After this morning, it will be sooner rather than later.

This morning on CNN’s live continuing coverage of the Pope Watch:

“Don’t worry about the ambulances, there’s a hospital right near here. So ambulances move through throughout the day. Not a sign of any type of emergency. That said, the only emergency at hand for the cardinals is picking a new Pope”, live from Rome, Chris Cuomo.

Uh. What? Let’s rewind and listen to that again…pope new a picking is cardinals the for hand at emergency only the said that emergency of type any of sign a not day the throughout through move ambulances so here near right hospital a there’s ambulances the about worry don’t.

“Don’t worry about the ambulances, there’s a hospital right near here. So ambulances move through throughout the day. Not a sign of any type of emergency. That said, the only emergency at hand for the cardinals is picking a new Pope.”

Well. Who said you can’t learn anything from watching the new. Here I have thought all along, my whole thinking life actually, that ambulances were a sign of an emergency. Silly me. Ambulance. Emergency. Immediate care. Wow. Color me wrong. (What color is wrong?)

Pope Benedict resigned a month ago, 11 February 2013. He officially stepped down two weeks ago, 28 February 2013. Clearly it’s an emergency that a new Pope is picked.

There you have it. Lights and sirens are not an emergency. A month delay and a media circus, emergency. Brought to you by the ever educated CNN reporters.

24 thoughts on “Emergency redefined by CNN

  1. Lol! So True… news really sucks most times but I know people (psst …actually my husband is one of them) who think that being without half hourly news feeds is the end of the world. Of course without the news, we would not know the world had ended!!!!


  2. Comments like that are why I often run screaming from the room at the idiocy of the reporters and the garbage they report. My mom channel surfs the major news channels, I last less than 5 minutes before I’m shouting at the tv and she asks me to leave. And I Love (not) the coverage of approaching storms!


  3. That’s what happens when the media are covering non stories and the poor announcers have to keep talking when there’s nothing to say. During the Queen’s jubilee celebrations she took a 4 hour or something barge trip on the Thames. It was a long ride and they insisted on having on site coverage. “Oh, there’s a sea gull.” It got so bad, the announcer was talking about how he hoped they would arrive soon because he had to pee and was wondering how the Queen was holding up. Now that’s news.


    • It seems most of what they cover are non-stories. We spent weeks listening to stories about a college athlete’s fake girlfriend. It’s annoying. I can’t imagine what someone was thinking when they thought it was a good idea to have non-stop coverage of a 4 hour boat ride. But then, they do that here. Anytime the President flies to a city, that city covers the flight, landing, the disembark, and the entire drive from the airport to where ever he is going. I am about to take another news break. I can’t take this much longer.


  4. I live here in Italy and the sirens really are going 24/7 here. I guess they really like the sound of them, and the pedestrian/drivers ARE crazy and don’t get out of the way… That being said… I’m sure the person using the ambulance thought they were important… Gotta love the “NEWS.”


    • I used to live near a hospital and I could hear sirens all day and night, until I learned to tune it out.
      More and more the “news” just makes me shake my head, like what were they thinking, or not thinking, when they said that?


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