On Sand and Asphalt, Part 9

This is it. Thanks for reading. What did you think? Confusing? Painful? Stupid ending?

Through the Sun’s Reflection

Sally rounded the corner from Main to 17th Street. She stepped into the gutter, in between parked cars. She stepped out and started across, placing her feet only on the white painted lines. The little green man stared at her from his little black box, arms raised and legs spread in mid-jumping jack. Sally could hear a car vibrating up the street, thumping over potholes. The little green man flashed red.

“Inconsiderate,” Sally said to the stopping car.

She looked back to the box. The little red man stood at attention.  The driver honked. Sally stopped her stroll and stared at the sun’s reflection on the car’s windshield. The driver honked again.

“You stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk,” Sally bickered. She stood there long enough to make her point and continued across.

She turned around and glared as the car passed. She thought it looked a lot like Mrs. Johnson’s. She hoped everything was ok, and went on her way.

There you have it. Your turn.

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