Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music…

Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music…

We were talking about her birthday. It’s only 36 days away, and, so, to her, it’s tomorrow. After we counted days on the calendar and before we got to the business of presents, she asked me if I would call her and sing to her on her birthday.

“Mommy, can you call me and sing happy birthday to me? Call in the morning,” she said.
“Yes, of course angel. I will call you first thing in the morning and I will sing and sing and sing to you until you can no longer stand to hear me singing,” I answered.
“I will never be tired of hearing you sing to me,” she said.

Music and song has been a part of my children’s lives since the stick turned blue. Both of them listened to symphonic melodies as they grew inside me. Both of them received the gift of my voice piped through arteries into embryonic fluids. I’ve sang to them to ease their discomforts, to encourage sleep, and to teach them.

I’ve given new words to old melodies for almost everything we do together. When they were babies, as I would rock them to sleep, I changed the murderous lyrics of “Rock-a-bye Baby” to some more suitable to sharing my love.

Rock-a-bye baby, close your sweet eyes
I will sing to you til you’re asleep
Because I love you ever so much
And you’re my baby, sweet as can be.

When they are brushing their teeth, I sing our words to “Row Row Row Your Boat“:

Brush brush brush your teeth
Brush them til they’re clean
Brush them front
Brush them back
Brush them in between.

When they are chasing each other around the living room and refusing to hear my demands that they not run in the house, I sing “Pop Goes the Weasel“:

Round and round the living room
The brother chased the sister
The brother though it was all in fun
Pop! goes the sister.

Which of course means they switch places so I’ll sing again:

Round and round the living room
The sister chased the brother
The sister though it was all in fun
Pop! goes the brother.

We also have a clean up song based on Frere Jacques that we sing while they make heads or tails of the tornado that is their bedroom:

Clean up your room. Clean up your room.
Clean it well. Clean it well.
Pick up all of the toys. Pick up all of the toys.
Clean it well. Clean it well.

We have lots of songs that are our songs. Some, like these, are new words to old tunes. Some are completely new with original scores composed by one or all of us.

My daughter (5.9999 years old) and I have had entire conversations carried out in melody. My son (3.5 years old) is picking it up, and every once in a while, while they were with me this summer, I caught him singing himself through a puzzle or a game or pretend play.

We sing for just about everything, and someone once told me this will help them with their creative and analytic development. I don’t know anything about that, but I do know it helps us get through tough times, good times, and ordinary tasks.

One good thing about music is it has given us our secret language. We sing together. We sing to each other. We sing because we love, to share our love, and to show our love.

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7 thoughts on “Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music…

  1. thank you for sharing your songs! We had some similar tunes with our children – like “All you need is gloves” as we got ready to go out on cold winter days. It turns into a kind of shorthand for happy memories. We just sing the first line and giggle, much to the confusion of anyone else in the room.

    Thank you for the link back too 🙂


  2. Love this, Melanie. I’m going to steal the brush your teeth song. I love how you can sing to your children no matter where they are—in your belly, in your house, on the phone, in your heart. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • Steal away. It’s fun and catchy and has helped them learn that tooth brushing needs to go beyond the front smile.
      I love singing to them, and I love that they (usually) love it when I sing to them. They haven’t noticed yet that I can’t sing. lol.
      {hugs} back to you.


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