Monthly Peace Challenge: Quote This

Monthly Peace Challenge: For this month’s Peace Challenge, I challenge you to post a quotation that will bring peace to the world.

There are a million bazillion quotes about peace. Peace this, peace that, peace peace peace. There’s even a mention of peace in that big’ol famous (not so much anymore, probably never really was) movie that I grabbed my blog title and tag line from:

Nice and peaceful isn’t it.

But there’s one, one really really big, massive, all important quote that I find brings the single most amount of peace that can ever be brought through the utterance of words. I can’t attribute it to a single person. I have no idea who first said this.

I heard it first from my mother, second my father, third my grandmother, and on through the list of aunts and uncles. My sister heard it fourth from me, and then I took it back once I realized she wasn’t leaving.

Have you figured it out?

I Love You

And that, my friends, is my peace quote.

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9 thoughts on “Monthly Peace Challenge: Quote This

    • Thank you Rara. It’s not a traditional “quote”, but I could think of no other phrase which does as much to bring peace to the speaker and listener than this. I love you. You are a wonderful human being. You keep on keeping on and we’ll all smile a little more.


  1. I love this post, Melanie, especially on 9/11. I want to figure out a gesture my sons can do when they say these words the will sink it into their hearts. So cute how you took back your words when you realized your sister wasn’t leaving. Thank you for this heartfelt post for peace. Peace, Love, Dope.{{{hugs}}} Kozo


    • I love you Kozo. Thank you for helping me be more mindful of peace. Thank you for being aware of yourself and your past, and using that to help everyone of us seek and reach a more peaceful mind and life. I’m sure your sons feel your love more than they hear it when you say it. I bet it radiates from your core more as energy than words. That’s what will help them say it and have it sink into their hearts. {hugs} back to you!


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