Are you ready, boots?

I’m still not sure of this, just so you know. And, I hope that I’ll understand at the end why I am going through some of this at the beginning. Sure, characters, timeline, settings, and whatnot all make sense. I’m about to take this character through 50,000+ words and I’m not naive enough to think that can happen without some kind of plan.

The synopsis makes me uncomfortable. I do know my character, and she has introduced herself, but what if what I think is going to happen doesn’t happen at all? Giving it a title makes me uncomfortable. I like titling last. This whole thing is taking me outside of my writing comfort zone and I’m battling it and that’s exactly why I need to keep going.

I wonder what I’ll think about all of this when I look back on it in a year?

Bear It Away coverTitle: Bear It Away – inspired by Flannery O’Connor, who was inspired by  Matthew 11:12 in the Christian Bible, and the theme that “everything that creates also destroys”.

Short Synopsis:

When Marybeth and Paul met in college, Marybeth knew she had found her perfect man. They quickly become inseparable and when Marybeth unexpectedly gets pregnant, they marry and begin their happily ever.

As they navigate their first years of marriage and parenthood, violence destroys their home and challenges the vows they had promised each other. Rocked to their core, Marybeth picks up the broken pieces.

As their happily ever after unravels, Marybeth is forced to confront the dark secrets she has known and denied the entire time.

Timeline: (My copy is more detailed, but I’m not ready to go there yet here.) There are two timelines for this novel. Is that too much for a first timer? I don’t particularly care for writing fiction in chronological order and I like to try to mix it up (see here and here).

  1. February 2013 – beginning of the unraveling of the marriage
  2. February 2008 – Marybeth and Paul meet
  3. June 2008 – summer fling
  4. March 2013 – first surgery for Marybeth
  5. August 2008 – graduate school begins for Paul
  6. December 2008 – 1st Christmas, separate cities
  7. February 2009 – move in together; 1st home
  8. April 2013 – move out-of-state; 5th home
  9. June 2009 – parties, travels, living it up together, in love
  10. December 2009 – first holiday season together, travels, family
  11. January 20010 – preggers
  12. May 2013 – Marybeth and Paul begin sleeping in separate rooms
  13. March 20010 – move to big city; 2nd home
  14. September 20010 – birth
  15. June 2013 – Marybeth begins to consider ending the marriage
  16. January 2011 – move; 3rd home
  17. March 20011 – Marybeth is in a car accident
  18. November 20011 – election day
  19. July 2013 – second surgery for Marybeth
  20. January 20012 – move; 4th home
  21. April 20012 – preggers
  22. December 20012 – birth
  23. August 2013 – Marybeth leaves

Characters: Again, there is more detail in my notes, but they’re still a work-in-progress. I feel confident enough in the timeline to put it out here for feedback, but I’m not there yet with the characters.

Marybeth (protagonist); 25 at start, educated

Paul (antagonist); 30 at start, educated

Interactors: friends, parents, neighbors, physicians (needs work: names, interactions)

Settings: needs work to take image to text…

Care to share your initial reactions to the synopsis, cover, or timeline?

*blog post title from Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’


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