It’s Been a While

There are friends I talk to only occasionally, if even still at all, yet their importance is immeasurable. I should tell them.

Back in the day, as friends came and went, breaking my childhood heart every time, my mom reminded me the value of a few deep friendships over many shallow. Which makes absolutely no sense to a popularity deficient adolescent. It makes absolute perfect sense to me as an adult. Life lessons have a way of working out like that.

So I’ve seen some bloggers do some short-letter compilation posts, and I thought of my friends who I don’t talk to nearly enough. I found once I started, my list was quite long, so perhaps I need to pick up the damn phone.


To my friend who was the girl I grew up with:

How long has it been? No, don’t tell me. I’ll feel old. As if knowing our kids are now near, and at, the age we were when we met wasn’t enough. Second grade at a Catholic school. I couldn’t have survived that place without you. I still can’t drive that road, the one with the church and school and your old neighborhood, without thinking back to you, to riding our bikes, to playing on the playgrounds. The sleepovers, friendship bracelets, baking cookies, reading books, and watching The Neverending Story. You added value to my childhood and I doubt I’ve ever told you that it was good because you were in it. We were what every child needs: friends closer than the skin we’re in. I love you, then and now. I do hope life is everything you’ve ever wished for and more.

To my friend who will have to be my Spin Doctor if I run for political office:

You taught me how to handle myself as the only female in an auto shop and how to drive a stick-shift, no matter that it was at 120 MPH in a barely legal, street racing Ford Mustang. That guidance was immeasurable. Not only can I get behind the wheel of any vehicle at any time with full confidence, but I’ve been able to impress a shitton of men as a result. Remember when we took that road trip for breakfast and ended up driving all day to get as close as we possibly could to the nuclear power plant and then I ended up like three hours late to work after we got actually lost while we were lost in our day. Ha! No one else bounces the crazies with me quite like you, and I love you for that and so much more.

To my friend whose life I’ve seen change the most:

I was thinking about how to title you. Of everyone on this list, you’re also most likely to read this. You are a beautiful woman, with a beautiful heart, and ever so savvy. You’re an incredible mom and the most fantastically devoted wife. You set the example right. You’re the goodness that makes goodness go around. You should know I think this of you. I will raise hell if you don’t get into heaven my dear, and at that point it will be Hell. That had a whole different definition back when we met, hell, and we’ve both been through it a couple of times since. Through it all, I had you in my heart. I love you for being able to walk into your house ten years after the last time I walked into your house and feel at home before I even cross the threshold.

To the Girl Scout who now has a Girl Scout:

Every time I’m at a latrine or a latrine-like situation I sing Lollypop. It doesn’t matter, it always happens and it makes me laugh. I love that I can come home and know that home includes you being there, in the same neighborhood, cheering all the right red and white. We don’t always get together, but when we do it’s energizing. You have so much love for life, for your children, for your crazy husband. You make life good, and the grace with which you manage life with a husband in the line of fire is inspiring. I love you for taking me back after I finished growing up, for calling just because even though I hardly ever call you back.


There are more people I could include in this I love you fest: mom and dad, sister, BIL, brother, SIL, cousin – you’re awesome people. My friends from college: the one in another state, the ones who are perfect for each other, the one plays music, and the one who plays games. You who I’ve come to know here in WordPress: those I read and like, those I read and comment, those I read, and those I’ll miss reading.

How about you? Anyone come to mind, someone or three who you haven’t talked to in a while for no other reason than life?

Awesome Letter To posts:

  • Letters to Friends by E. at A Sign of Life (the inspiration for sitting down to write this post)
  • Apologies Are In Order by Jen at Sips of Jen and Tonic (the reason I had to change my pants before I sat down to write)

Featured Image: Mail, Star, Envelope, Love; public domain


12 thoughts on “It’s Been a While

  1. Good post, Sometimes its good get remove ourselves from the muckety muck and think of all the good, crazy memorable friends and crazy moments shared with them. When I step outside the box of trauma , I really have had a good life.


  2. I love this nod to your friends! It sounds like you have some pretty amazing people in your life. I’ve been trying to tell people more and more how I feel about them because life really is short.

    And thanks for the post mention! Also, sorry about your pants.


    • I do know some awesome people who set great examples just by being themselves. I’m glad to honor them for a day.
      No worries on the pants. I should know better by now.


  3. Awe, look at you getting all sentimental and stuff. I think back on friends I’ve had quite a bit, honestly. I often wonder what became of them or why some of us even lost touch in the first place. I just assume that we’re all still friends though, even if we haven’t spoken in years.


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