Groovy or Grumpy

It’s the Annual Cougar Den Like In!

In honor of this most delightful holiday, the ladies at HEY BEERGUT!! are asking everyone, that’s you too, to Like their Valentine’s Day post and give everyone ten words or less on our own Love Day feelings. Ahhh feelings.

Because I love a challenge of brevity, and Helen and Denmother, I offer you my ten words:

♥ I understand now why my parents gave us gifts today. ♥

Triple threat love bomb

Triple threat love bomb


Do you have ten words for Love Day? Join in the fun and do a Groovy or Grumpy post and link back to the world’s greatest Cougars, or hop on over to their blog and leave your ten words in the comments. Be sure to link to them and comment to them. I’ll be on the road today and unable to forward anything. 🙂

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**Post image also created at Pixlr. Here’s a guide for your own fun. 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Groovy or Grumpy

  1. We like your sweet and groovy take on the day, lady of the corn!! Extra points for getting the like-in rolling. Liking you large today. Keep on spreading the love people.


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