Something constant and uniquely me

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The Adventures of Mine

The Adventures of Mine

The We that was was moving from Atlanta, Georgia to near Daytona Beach, Florida. We did not all want to go, and by we, I mean me. I procured excitement with a clever title and my first blog. Had it and the marriage lasted, I’d be a Mommy blogger today. But alas, The Adventures of M.I.N.E. lasted about four months. “M.I.N.E.” represented all of our initials. It was an effort to include all members of a family that really only had three. It was an effort to share life and our children’s childhoods with soon-becoming greatly distanced family, to make exciting something that came with tragedy, to center myself in something constant and uniquely me. I abandoned it and the marriage simultaneously. I have, though, achieved my third goal.

The We that was was moving from near Daytona Beach, Florida to past St Louis, Missouri. We all wanted to go, and by we, I mean me – the kids were babies at a month from turning three and eight months old. I started over again: new life, new title, new blog. It never had a chance. The title was cool enough – The IN Crowd – for my children’s initials, leaving myself out. I needed to be left out, but as I was nearer to family again, and not interested in the family I was no longer near, the blog dried up. It was the right idea, just the wrong execution.

So I moved on, again. Yet another attempt at a family oriented blog, Tending Weeds, with pages for the kids, growing like weeds, and my new garden and the resulting life of pulling weeds. Soon after, I used the blog name as a pseudonym and began Deliberate Donkey to make a record of my marriage and divorce. Right idea, right execution. But then We that was was no longer when the kids moved in with their father. But it was right to write, so in the aftermath of destruction, I settled into something constant and uniquely me, and a year later, I branched out, adding This Is My Corn to the list of blogs. In the middle, I also started a work-related blog that became irrelevant shortly after when I switched industries.

So here I am, moving in to my third year here on WordPress and my fifth year writing publicly. I’ve been through the freshman excitement and the sophomore stability. I’ve found my voice, and then had to find it again. I’ve found friends, some lost, others stronger than ever. I’ve battled trolls. I’ve been Freshly Pressed, three times (hell yes! I’m proud, let me say it again, three times).

I post about once a week now. I’m in it to practice quality, not produce quantity, and as I grow and gain confidence I feel less and less pressure to post just to show up in a reader. I wasn’t this way when I started. I used to post more often, daily, then semi-weekly, then bi-weekly, all personal nonfiction. But this space wasn’t about that. This, this was for more, and so I’ve worked to write better, stronger, funnier, clearer, and more -er words. I’ve worked for my constant and uniquely me, and though it’s been far from consistent, it’s constantly me and uniquely me. Yippee!

How long have you been blogging? How has it changed for you? Or has it? Is your space the You you want it to be?


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6 thoughts on “Something constant and uniquely me

  1. I’m at a little over two years. I started out as but decided to change after I received a new calling at Church. (Callings are like little jobs each member has. I was a local missionary, so I did mission work online) I thought being the lds convert was too restricting for me, I’m so much more than that. I get less hits now, I’m harder to find online, buts that’s okay. I like to give so I think my space is working out very well for me right now.

    FP’d thrice? Good job! I didn’t realize that.

    I’m playing around with the idea of a group blog, sort of like Long Awkward Pause, except with all Mormon writers. There are a lot of us “normal” ones out there and I want everyone to see that.


    • I agree your space is working out well for you. It’s nice and cozy there.
      I did the group blog thing for a while. It’s a ton of work, but so much fun. I hope if you do that route that it’s successful and enjoyable for you. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the three-year mark. Interesting to see how your blog has metamorphosed over the years. I’ve been blogging over two years now, but my site hasn’t gone through too many changes. I don’t like reading my old stuff though. Makes me cringe.


    • Thanks Carrie! Hopefully now that my life is a bit more settled (for now), my blogging will remain settled too. I don’t often read my old stuff either, unless I need to for court or something. Otherwise I let it be. I’m not going to edit any of the personal stuff anyway. 🙂


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