“If I Were” – by Isabella

Brag Alert!

My children are fantastically amazing. Of course they are! I can hand my four-year-old son a ziplock of puzzle pieces and he will put it together without ever needing the picture. It’s a sight to behold. He is happiest when he is solving – be it a puzzle, fitting the maximum number of cars in his pockets, or layering two pair of footie pajamas and a pair of slippers in order to wear all of his favorite superheroes at once.

My six-year-old daughter is happiest when she is creating. She draws, paints, and colors. She makes sculptures from paper and cardboard, and lots and lots of glue and tape and stickers, color, and glitter. She pretty much jumps on anything artistic immediately and with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. Which is why, when she wrote her first book this weekend, she included front and back covers and devised a way to bind it.

I sat next to her as she created this. I watched her write the words as she sounded them out. I didn’t interrupt her and I didn’t correct her spelling. I did once correct her when she tried to end a sentence with “is used”. We read it out loud together and once she heard it was used and not us Ed, she understood what she needed to do, and she did. It was absolutely amazing to sit and observe, to watch her process each word into a sentence, into an idea and make this whole thing beginning to end. I was so filled with joy I could have floated.

And with the pride of a Mamma, I present to you:

If I Were

By Isabella

(translations follow each image)

Book Cover 1

Front cover

Book Cover 2

Inside Front Cover – A butterfly

Book Page 1

If I were a butterfly I would lay eggs and drink nectar and fly to Atlanta.

Book Page 2If I were a hippo I would swim and fight and eat grass and live in Asia.
(I had to ask a couple of times before I caught on that she was saying “Asia” when she was pronouncing “a “.)

Book Page 3

If I were a zebra a animal that looks like a horse with black and white.
(ok, so not complete or correct – she started in her imagination and when she asked how to spell “zebra”, I gave her her picture dictionary and showed her how to look it up. She ended writing what she was reading.)

Book Page 4

If I were a worm I would be small and with a thin body.

Book Page 5

If I were a kangaroo I would live in Australia.

Book Page 6

If I were a horse I would eat hay and that is used as food.

Book Back 1

Inside Back Cover – an elephant

Book Back 2

Back Cover

The Author with her final product, ever the shy one (no she’s not, she was just being goofy):

Book Author


Nails also by Isabella.


Have your kids written, did your kids write books? Do share!

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6 thoughts on ““If I Were” – by Isabella

  1. That’s fantastic! How wonderful that she saw it through from cover to cover. Both of my boys started writing a “book” when they were younger but never saw it to fruition. (Kind of like so many writers with unfinished projects in our folders…) Good for her for finishing what she started, and so brilliantly, too. 🙂


    • Thank you Carrie!
      It was so fun watching her so this. First it was just a couple of pages, then she wanted a book, then she wanted to put it all together, but first she had to make the cover and then wanted a back too. It was adorable!


  2. GREAT little kid ya have there. She did a WONDERFUL project with it. I especially like the cars thing. “be it a puzzle, fitting the maximum number of cars in his pockets,”


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