Take Me Out to the Ballgame

GCS Ballpark

Grizzlies vs Rascals, GCS Ballpark, Sauget, Illinois, 5 July 2014

GCS Ballpark is home of the Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League, a non-MLB-affiliated, independent, professional baseball league with fourteen teams. It is our favorite family field. Tickets and food are cheap–like actual cheap with lawn seats at $5 and huge hotdogs at $3.50. We sit on the lawn so the kids and run and play during the game. There’s also playground on the third base side and on-field entertainment between innings–like giant gerbil ball races, giant eyeball races, and giant underwear three-legged races. It’s hysterical to the kids, and I love watching them laugh. The players are close enough to talk to, and friendly enough to do so (and sign autographs without charging for them). They are great players with true talent, and the games are never disappointing. Though we are Cardinals fans through-and-through, when it comes to going out to the ballgame, this is where we go.


No compensation was received from the Gateway Grizzlies, GCS Ballpark, or the Frontier League. There wasn’t a Weekly Photo Challenge posted this week, but I wanted to share a photo, as become my habit recently, so I picked this one.


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*Featured and Post Image are mine: GCS Ballpark, 5 July 2014
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3 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. Those kind of ball parks are the best ones. I miss those days from a hundred years ago. Ours closed down several years ago to make way for the newest sport of choice, soccer.


    • It is a really nice thing. The kids love it. I love it. It’s just good family fun the way good family fun should be. Everyone on the lawn becomes one giant group, talking together and watching out for whatever kids are closest, be it theirs or not. The players egos aren’t bigger than the field, the mascot wanders and takes picture after picture, and the announcers are respectful of the littlest ears. I’ll watch MLB baseball on TV, but I hate going to the stadium. This, though, this stadium I’ll go to all season.


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