Charlotte’s Web

Five Sentence Fiction is a weekly blog link-up based on a word prompt. The Challenge – write a complete story in five sentences. There is no word count limit, or any restriction on sentence length (proper grammar notwithstanding). This challenge is hosted weekly by Lillie McFerrin. The word of this week is Secure.

a – confident in opinion or expectation: having no doubt
b – free from danger, risk, or loss
c – assured


Monica stopped to stare at her reflection in the revolving doors: sharp suit, polished hair, straight back. Momentarily shocked by her secure appearance, she felt relief that her external impression defied her internal anxiety. It was too late to turn back, though, having left her notice of immediate intent to vacate on her still cluttered desk. With only a swimsuit and the contents of Vic’s safety deposit box in her briefcase, she hailed a cab: “JFK, please.” Future secured, yet left to the wings of deception, she touched down in Miami and started over as Julia, the budding swimsuit model she had convinced Mark she was.


Five sentences – can you do it? Why not try! When you’re finished, add your story to the Linky link, and read and enjoy other’s five sentence stories.


*Featured Image mine – Black Widow spider, 14 April 2014

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27 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web

    • Thank you!
      I started with the 100-word story challenge a few months ago, and I never thought I could do it. Now I think I’m addicted to ultra-short!


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