An Absence of Light

Five Sentence Fiction is a weekly blog link-up based on a word prompt. The Challenge – write a complete story in five sentences. There is no word count limit, or any restriction on sentence length (proper grammar notwithstanding). This challenge is hosted weekly by Lillie McFerrin. The word for this week is Darkness.


The tour was coming to an end. I grabbed my children’s hands, my daughter in my right and my son in my left, squatted down to their level, and, looking each in the eyes, I said, “Hold on tight and you won’t feel lost.”

And just as I squeezed their hands for assurance the tour guide turned out the lights that had been strung through the cave when it first became a tourist attraction.

It was more than dark; it was an absolute absence of light. The silence was as complete, until my daughter said, “Ok, you can turn the lights back on now.”


True Story.

Last year my family and I went to a mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere northern Arkansas. The directions to the cabin were by GPS coordinates and not a street address, so yeah, middle of nowhere. We spent an afternoon touring the combined Mystic Cavern and Crystal Dome Cavern. At the end of the tour, the guide, after sufficient warning, turned out the lights. It was darkness like I have never seen before. I kept waiting for my eyes to adjust, but they didn’t. They wouldn’t. There was no light. There also wasn’t a single sound until my daughter (five years old at the time) spoke the words we were all thinking.

NewFSFBadge-1Five sentences – can you do it? Why not try! When you’re finished, add your story to the Linky link, and read and enjoy other’s five-sentence stories.


*Featured Image – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots): “The Sleeping Dragon”, Mystic Caverns, Marble Falls, Arkansas

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14 thoughts on “An Absence of Light

  1. I visited some caverns in Virginia once and they did the same thing. It is eerie to have your eyes open and have absolutley no light.Cool experience.Did you know that scientists are starting to suspect that we are getting too much light at night? Apparently, as adults, there is a correlation (unproven) that light levels at night control the routines our bodies use for cleaning out free radicals and other undesirables. We won’t go into our deepest sleep unless there is very little or no light in the environment. It is at this point that our bodies run deep cleaning routines. And that is affecting our metabolisms and is linked to increases in some types of cancer. They call it light pollution. The defense is very simple, make sure you have heavy drapes in your bedroom that seal out all the light and clear your room of any light producing electronics.Anyway, just sayin’


    • Thank you Lillian. I believe whole heartedly in talking to my kids at their eye level. It seems to bring comfort to them that I’m not talking above them.


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