These Hips

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance – “Show us what endurance means to you. Is it that high-school diploma, beads of sweat earned on a long run, a treasured family heirloom, or something else entirely?”


These hips have endured, so far, 36 years of life.
And they haven’t been easy years.
Crawling, walking, running…running away.
They’ve carried two children.
And carried me.


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*Featured Image – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots)

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9 thoughts on “These Hips

    • Thanks! The only exercise I do right now is running. My coworkers are trying to get me into the gym for weights since we have a free membership and there’s no excuse. But, sigh, that requires I both be in public and talk to people to learn how all the machines work.


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