Read Me Writing, 1

Read Me.



I picked the book Read Me. 10 Lessons for Writing Great Copy off the shelf because I couldn’t resist the title. I bought it because I couldn’t resist the style. Scanning the Introduction I found this gem:

Because these lessons are pretty modular you can read them in any order without suffering undue psychological damage, although starting at the beginning and working through to the end is probably your best bet.

And this:

Best of all, you can upload your words to the workout area of this book’s website at www . readmewriting . com and see how others have responded to these challenges.

Check price. Take to register.

Turns out the webpage is unavailable, so you’re stuck with these. Each lesson comes with a “workout”, a challenge to try it for yourself. Like the math problems in school, but with less groaning. I want the practice, and double-bonus that I can ask for feedback. Please?

Go to the next page to read my take on workout one in Lesson One: The Big Picture

In this lesson we describe our take on writing today, we define the writer’s job, and we suggest a manifesto for our kind of copywriting. It’s the foundation on which the rest of this book is built, so read this first and what follows will make more sense.


4 thoughts on “Read Me Writing, 1

  1. So you’re going to the “decommissioned Missouri State Penitentiary”? But hit the family owned no-tell motel?


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