Runners High

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement — “Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement.”


Completing any run, be it a short 2 mile jaunt or a more grueling 7 miles of hills, finishing a workout is an every day achievement. It’s me doing for me, not on the couch all boo-hooing over how my life and its current state are so far from the dreams I had as a child.

It all started last April when I finished the Savage Race and felt so damn accomplished I decided to never let that feeling go. So I started running on a regular basis, just to run, just for the exercise, just because that runners high can only be achieved by running.


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6 thoughts on “Runners High

    • Thanks Amy. Go for it! I like running. I know it’s a love or hate activity, but I really feel good when I’m finished, no matter the time or distance.


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