Turkey say what?

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Turkey

The story behind the picture:

Kids and I spent a day at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village. It didn’t take long for them to declare with absolute certainty that they were bored. And then the blacksmith’s fire flashed. But then there was nothing to do when the store clerk invited us into the Feed & Seed. And there were gadgets. That they could touch. After turning, twisting, opening, pulling, pushing, and peering at everything, the clerk gave them an ear of corn. He showed them how to shuck it, and then put it in a kernel remover. They scooped up the popped off corn and put it in a grinder and made feed. The clerk bagged up their work and gave them directions to the turkey pen.


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6 thoughts on “Turkey say what?

  1. Only a mother could love a face like that. I wonder who first came up with the idea of eating them? Surprising that something that ugly could taste that good.

    Happy Thanksgiving Melanie!


    • I’ve seen live turkeys before, but never this close. They really are ugly. We had quite a long time by ourselves before another mother and her two boys joined us. She kept going on about what a beautiful bird it was, and I kept thinking, “What bird are you looking at?”


  2. I’ve actually been to the same museum when I lived in Atlanta. I’m sure some day your kids will look back on the experience and appreciate it. Once they get through therapy. In the meantime, my best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday, Melanie. Oh, and if you have a ham for Christmas, I wouldn’t suggest taking them to a pig farm 😉


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    • Cheers to you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving!
      The kids had more fun than they will admit. We were there for four hours in the afternoon and two hours in the evening (they hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with a Native American dance show). But when I asked them if they wanted to go back, they answered in unison, “No.”
      And, noted on the pig farm. The “this turkey will be someone’s diner” conversation ended with my daughter declaring, “This turkey isn’t fat enough.”

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