Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog link-up. The Challenge – write a one hundred word (plus or minus) story with a beginning, middle, and end inspired by the picture. The Key – make every word count. Up to the challenge? Join in



John stopped mid-stride. June bumped into him, accidentally sending her text mid-sentence. She backhanded his shoulder.

“Quick,” he said. “Three words and I’ll make it into a story and relate it all back to grass.”

“What? No. Go.” June looked back down to her phone and continued walking. John followed. He spoke again as they passed the library where Homer usually napped.

“After what happened to his front lawn, Homer had no choice but to go out in search of the perfect grass seed.”

June looked up over the top of her phone, and back down. “Thai for lunch?”


100 words. Fiction. Feedback is always appreciated. Comments of any kind really — so long as they are related to the post. What story comes to mind when you see that picture? Join in


*Image Copyright — Randy Maize

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