Stop, Drop, and Sleep

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity. “For this photo challenge, publish an image that conveys serenity.
Serenity (noun): The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

“I don’t mind the travel,” I say. Because I don’t. When I arrive at my destination I find a clean bed waiting for me, made to perfection. I can toss pillows this way and that, and spread out in a space more appropriate for a small kingdom.

hotel pillows

I can wake up, get up, and leave it disheveled. I shower and dress in a bathroom I don’t have to clean. I drink coffee from a pot I don’t have to wash. I watch a TV I would never afford. I eat a breakfast I didn’t have to cook. Travel gives me the mornings I don’t otherwise give myself because the responsibilities of everyday life require attention.

And it makes me love coming home in a way a day at work can’t.

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10 thoughts on “Stop, Drop, and Sleep

    • I hope it’s a nice hotel with big puffy pillows and good coffee. As silly as it sounds, I think it so great to return at the end of the day and find the bed made for me, the towels fresh, and the coffee pot clean. I never think about it at home since doing it is part of my routine, but it gives me a smile when I travel.


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