Wall Art

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself — “Today, we challenge you to show us what “express yourself” means to you.”


When my kids were of the age that drawing on the walls was a regular problem, I  gave them a wall they could draw on without getting in trouble. I even joined with a few scribbles of my own.

wall art

It wasn’t as much a wall as it was the sliding doors at the bottom of the bookshelves in the living room. It was the backside of the kitchen, an island of a wall with doorways on both sides. They were as tall as the kids–big enough so they could reach maximum scribble speed–and isolated from every other wall in the house. It worked.

This was the first thing most people saw when they walked in through the front door. Some thought I was nuts, others genius, and a few others reaffirmed their swear to never have children.


*Featured Image and Post Images – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots)
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