War Planes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry — “For this challenge, share an image of symmetry. … you can bend this theme in any way you’d like.”


We had time to spare on our drive and it was too cold for our usual outdoor stops. I knew the place from the highway billboards, so many billboards (in both directions). After over 50 round trips, it was hard not to. Ten miles of stoplights later we discovered our newest favorite indoor spot: The Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins Air Force Base. It’s free, and huge.

I hadn’t read the challenge word yet, or I would have taken actually symmetrical pictures of the abounding symmetry.

Aviation Wing

Not that I didn’t get a (kind of) good picture.

Aviation B7

And, besides, planes require symmetry. No matter the angle of the photograph. Aviation F15


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9 thoughts on “War Planes

  1. It is interesting that you should choose warplanes and “symmetry”. The big thing in warfare these days is something called “asymmetric warefare” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asymmetric_warfare For instance if we were at war, and we both had fighter planes and used them in similar ways – that is symmetricwarfare.If, instead only you have fighter planes and i decide to atcck your communications so you can’t use those planes effectively – that is asymmetric wafare. Historically, warfare was pretty symmetric and the winner was determned by tactcs and numbers, not by differences in approach. Today, with terrorist groups doing a lot of the fighting, much warfare is asymmetric..

    So, you are right on more than one level – not only are warplanes symmetric in their physical design, they are also symmetric in use and are very difficult to use in an asymmetric war. If your opponent has no planes for you to shoot down and is mixed in and unidentifible from the locals – so you can’t use planes to bomb insurgents – the very expensive and high energy warplanes become valueless in an asymmetric fight.

    Great post Melanie. Thank You.


    • First I want to say thank you for the info. I learned something today. That’s always a good thing.
      Second, I didn’t really think much about what set of photos I was choosing. It was a kid weekend, we packed it full of friends, fun, and exploration, and I didn’t look much at The Internet for three days. We did what we did and after I dropped them back off with their Dad I checked the challenge word because I had a three-hour drive to think about it. But I listened to a book instead.
      When I got home I wanted to get something scheduled and I knew I had thrown up my camera and snapped the under-wing shot, so I figured planes worked so I could go to bed. That’s so terrible. I promise I usually put more thought and effort into these posts.


      • I’m so glad that you had a good weekend with your kids – that is so much more important than anything else. Whenever I see the words war and symmetric tiogether, Melanie, I just go off merrily down that road with little or no encouragement. Ha! .


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