Pine Cone in a Puddle

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds – “This week, compose your subject off-center, obeying the Rule of Thirds.”

Version One

1 pinecone rectangle

Version Two1 pinecone 1


*Featured Image and Post Images – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots)
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11 thoughts on “Pine Cone in a Puddle

  1. I just wanted to mention…your note about the ads. I have wondered about this message myself, for I have never seen one of those ads on any blog. I eliminated my ad-blocking software just to see if there are any out there that I missed. I hate not having control over this…but, it is a free sight…so. Van


    • They don’t come up on every post, thankfully. I’m so used to them, I hardly noticed them anymore. Some people spring for the no-ad upgrade, but I’m too cheap. I like the free that I’ve got going on now.

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  2. I’m not sure, but I think I might like the 1st one better. It looks like a crocodile or something, slowly coming closer by the second. Though the 2nd certainly looks brilliant with the contrast and yeah, dunno. I love both I guess 😉


  3. A comment about myself when viewing “Rule of Thirds” in photographs. I feel more comfortable when the focused object is in the right side of the photo. I know nothing about photography; I’m not challenging the picture. I’m just curious about why I might like the focal point on the right more than on the left. I wonder if I am the odd man out!


    • Oh I doubt it’s that your the odd man out. I think we all have an aesthetic we prefer.
      I didn’t set out to compose this with the focus on the right. I did choose to have the pinecone as the subject with the puddle as the background, and the lay of the land put the pinecone on the right. 🙂


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