A Letter on the Eve of My Disappearance

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01 rachel-bjerke

Greetings dear friends, 

I hope this letter finds you well for I am most enchanted with my discovery. It is a place of life where none other exists. Should you ever be so lucky as to find such an irenic place. Each morning the most mesmorizing mist surrounds this sanctuary of serenity and the blanket of moss glows as if lighted from within, and the fire of twilight is spellbinding. 

Though I planned for but a short introspection, I find I cannot pull myself away from the allure of this place. I doubt I should return.

With my love, 



 100 words. Fiction. Feedback is always appreciated. Comments of any kind really — so long as they are related to the post. What story comes to mind when you see that picture? Join in!

*Image © Copyright – Rachel Bjerke
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19 thoughts on “A Letter on the Eve of My Disappearance

  1. I love this story. She is definitely spellbound. 🙂 It’s also not often that I have to look up the meaning of words! I think I’m going to be using irenic when I reach the letter I for my Word of the Week posts.

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    • It just might be that the speaker is running. Otherwise, I think, it’d be pretty hard to stay away from friends and family forever simply for a beautiful spot in nature. Even Thoreau returned from Walden eventually.


  2. ‘ Irenic’ sounds, figuratively feels like and rhymes with ‘ Idyllic’… that’s what your picture suggests. Its serenely beautiful and for a spell in time for anyone to stop by, rest and soak it all up. However I would still want to hear some buzz of civilization at least close by, to remind me I need to return to reality.

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