Farmer Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh – “For this week’s photo challenge, share with us a photo that expresses something fresh.”

Fresh veggies at the Farmers Market


Produce stand at the Kirkwood Farmers Market, St Louis, Missouri


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18 thoughts on “Farmer Fresh

  1. Nicely done Mark. i love the sight and smell and taste of truly fresh produce. I used to haul it from all over and it was amazing to load crated produce right out of the field. I still go to the market and stop and marvel at the display cases full of fresh produce. We have a couple of farmer’s markets here, the biggest one being downtown right in center of an area developed for artisans of all types. The real farmers families tend the booths dressed in jeans and boots and overalls. So cool.

    Anyway, I ramble – well done Mark.

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    • Bwahaha! Sorry Melanie! I clicked on Mark Bialczak’s e-mail notification, but it must have moved up one e-mail to yours as I did. He too is doing a photo challenge/course, so I was expecting a photo. All the above still applies – just change the name to MELANIE from Mark. Sorry – ha!


      • Too funny! Thanks for the story. It’s always interesting to hear about your trucking adventures. I love Farmers Markets. The sights, sounds, and smells are inspiring.


        • I’m glad you are OK. I have a bad habit of expecting to see something and then writing a comment to a completely different person. If it makes you feel any better, I once wrote a long comment over on Running on Sober and thanked “Melanie” for the post when it is Christy who runs that blog. Ha! She was understanding too.


          • It happens. I think we’ve all done it. It made sense, Mark or Melanie. It’s extra confusing when the comment is to someone else about another post altogether. Lol! I’ve done that and had to email the blogger to ask for the comment to be deleted.


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  3. Excellent. Almost 90 % of my food comes from local Farmer’s Markets. I lived away from them for many years, and was so glad to be back when we returned to Pennsylvania. Home. Van ☺


    • I got away from Farmers Markets when corporations started trying to sell as if they were locals. I’ve noticed the locals have started taking over again, and I like that.

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