Watch The Light Brighten

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird – “For this week’s photo challenge, get up early and explore the morning light.”


I’m a morning person.
I value the time alone,
before people.

Not so much when I’m on vacation. Even though, coffee got me out of bed, down the path, and to the beach to watch the sun rise over the ocean. But, really, who can resist the allure of sunrise over the ocean.

early 1

I sat in the sand and watched and listened to the world around me.early 2

And then I had breakfast in the restaurant on the pier.

early 4

And watched the light brighten.


*Featured Image and Post Image – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots)
**The ads (which may appear) below are not mine, but they keep this free for me. Do with them as you choose.

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