On University Issued Travel Passes

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“What if we take pictures, go to a pub, then look at the pictures for the experience,” I suggested.

There was no chance of pleasant weather. Unlike the weekend before when the sun shone–as predicted–as we exited Westgate, we knew wouldn’t see the sun this day.

There were five of us, students travelling on university issued travel passes. We were cramming in every sight we could. We had traveled for three days, sleeping on trains to maximize the 24 hours of each day’s pass. We all agreed.

We split up, took pictures, and regrouped at The Yellow House.


100 words. Fiction-ish. During a study abroad in England, a group of us traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland. We got in late, got lost on the way to the hostel, ended up in a room we didn’t reserve, couldn’t figure out the map on the bus, and arrived at the castle just as it started raining. We decided instead of waiting it out we’d run through taking pictures and then go to a pub for lunch and look at where we had just been. Eventually the rain stopped, so we walked the Royal Mile and then hiked to the top of Arthur’s Seat, so it all worked out. This wasn’t our 24-hours on the train weekend, but we did one of those too.


I am late. Oh so very late. Work was so intense I didn’t so much as look at my computer when I got home. And last weekend, forget it. I did look at the computer, and I even opened it once or twice, but I opted to rest my brain, and hands and eyes, and wandered mindlessly through the woods instead. It was wonderful.


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10 thoughts on “On University Issued Travel Passes

  1. What if we take pictures, go to a pub, then look at the pictures for the experience
    Often when I travel, I see people walking along with their cameras/cell phones at arm’s length – not looking at what they’re snapping pictures of. Perhaps they just snap away then later – at a pub – review what’s in their camera.and just imagine where they’ve been. Your story reminds me of these crazy travelers. Well done.


    • The day this is based on was long before cell phone cameras took anything worthwhile. Digital cameras were up-and-coming though. It’s no way to experience anything. This is really the only story I can tell from seeing Edinburgh Castle. It’s too bad; it’s such a neat place.


  2. I’ve seen people like this running around sites as well, and maybe it’s the only thing to do when the weather is bad and you don’t have much time. I am usually the opposite, I completely forget the camera and focus on something, having to be dragged away. 🙂 Great take on the prompt.


    • Most of my international travel has moments like yours–lost in the place, consumed by my surroundings. And then, oh yeah, take a picture. This day was not that, and the clouds and scenery in this picture reminded me of that one day.

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  3. Dear Melanie – Love the story and I love your title too! I was never fortunate enough to travel when I was in college. Although, Mike and I did go to France and Switzerland via Monaco several years ago. It was absolutely beautiful. Our youngest son was a traveling student and met someone under the Big Ben tower in London. I thought that was funny and clever. Love your story! Nan


    • Thank you Nan!
      I took the fortune and owe my life in student debt for the study abroad experiences. I did three, two in college and one in high school. Of all the stupid things I did to spend money in college, these trips aren’t among them.
      I hope the Big Ben story is a fun one. France is a place I’d like to visit some day. Any part, really. I saw it once from the Cliffs of Dover, but that’s as close as I got.


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