She Could Get Water

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog link-up. The Challenge – write a one hundred word (plus or minus) story with a beginning, middle, and end inspired by the picture. The Key – make every word count. 

The picture is worth a thousand words. These are another one hundred. 



When it rained enough she could get water – like from a hamster cage water bottle. She had no other container. He would toss food scraps up through the fence when he thought about it – like to an animal.

She would use her rag of a sock to push her feces over the edge of the concrete platform onto the field below – rotating left and right as best as she could remember. She imagined flowers grew from the piles. She’d stopped wondering if she’d ever know. Sunburn, windburn, and frostbite had marred her hope. But for that the sun still rose.


100 words. Fiction. Feedback is always appreciated. Comments of any kind really — so long as they are related to the post. Click the Inlinks Link-Up to read other creative contributions. ↓

*Image Copyright © Madison Woods
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