A Place Like Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped. /ənˈveləp/ verb wrap up, cover, or surround completely


Once upon a time, this house enveloped its family: their lives, their secrets, their love. Now my imagination is wrapped-up in its questions.

Abandoned House

Could it be that its family left when the road was built? Could it be there was never a family, but a recluse who left the house to no one? Who still cares for the grounds: is it obligation or profession? Were there ever rockers on the porch, nights of sweet tea under the full moon, dancing under the cover as rain refreshed the field?

And the driveway — how is it just in the middle of the field? Could it be that it’s Dorothy’s house and I was in Oz?


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*Featured Image and Post Image – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots)
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