Compound Fracture of Earth and Iron

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken – “…capture something broken: an old window, a vintage sign, a toy never fixed, a contemplative friend. Or go deeper: find beauty in something broken.”


I stopped at the crosswalk and looked down (at my phone, of course) and noticed an iron rod folded over onto the ground. I thought it looked like a broken bone.



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16 thoughts on “Compound Fracture of Earth and Iron

  1. Sorry, I’m a bit too literal minded Kerbey. That’s a surveyor’s post pounded in many years ago when property lines were surveyed. It originally looked like this and sometimes they have caps with markings but the cap is likely gone after many years. It is hard to tell because of the lighting in your shot but that is likely rebar (steel rods with a swirly ridge around them designed as reinforcing bar [hence rebar] for use in concrete)- what surveyors use regularly because they are the cheapest steel rod you can buy. I bent a few of them like that in my childhood years. 😀


    • Thanks for the info Paul. I assumed iron, but wasn’t entirely sure. I did know what this was, but others may not, so hopefully your comment will help. 🙂
      I work in multifamily development and I often go out and take property pictures, and we commission surveys and legal descriptions when we put a site under contract, so I’m used to seeing these as well as reading “beginning at rod…” in legal descriptions. 🙂 I’ve just never seen one that looked quite this gory.


    • I’m glad your curiosity led you back. But it is quite gory – that’s a great word for it. Like something you’d see in a house of horrors at Halloween.

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