Yard, with a side of swing

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet: “This week, look down and capture the ground beneath your feet.”


Summer was a day from over. The swing had come unhooked again. The kids didn’t mention it.



*Featured Image © Melanie (WritingInBoots) (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
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6 thoughts on “Yard, with a side of swing

  1. Ok. Wow! I just happened on your blog — through the Daily Post Photo Challenge and it is quite amazing — serendipity really! Being from the Heartland — living 30+ years in Iowa, raising our kids there — we own the Field of Dreams and, in fact, just re-watched it last week for the umpteenth time! 🙂 It is a classic. And what a GREAT idea to reinvent it here, in this way, using its themes, lines, and big heart for your blog. LOVE IT!
    Another connection? I have a post scheduled for Aug 11 (mine go up every day at 4 PM Boston time), “For the Love of Maize”….my guess it you’d enjoy it 🙂 Yes — we live in Boston now….quite a far cry from Iowa. But, when folks ask me what I miss most about Iowa (we moved here in ’97) I never hesitate: the taste of the first ear of sweet corn picked from our garden, with butter running down my chin and wrist, and the taste of the first tomato from the garden! Are we simpatico or what???? 🙂
    I am certainly much much older than you….but so many connections. I’ve meandered a bit here…enjoyed it much. Love this photo of the grass and the broken swing. Our Iowa back yard had a huge tractor tire for a sandbox when the kids were growing up. Ah…..so many memories you’ve struck for me here….
    many thanks and so nice to visit with you over my morning cup of coffee! Happy I am….

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    • Awww…thank you so much Lillian. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself here.
      Funny story about corn: as a kid I hated it! Hated it. Couldn’t stand it one bit and thought my parents were out to get me every time they served it with dinner, which was a lot in the summer. Now I love it. Can’t get enough.
      I moved out of the midwest 12 years ago, but I return every summer. You just can’t beat a mid-west summer, the weather, the juicy crops, the bright flowers…it’s wonderful.

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  2. Even swinging can get old sometimes…(my kids go back to school on Wednesday, and they are ready. I am ready. We’ve had a great summer, but it wouldn’t be great if it continued on and on an on). See, it took me all those words to say what you said in a picture ;-).

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    • I think what makes summer so great is that it does come to an end. We fill it with fun and build the memories that keep us warm in the winter. It’s the limited time that gave us the joy we had in the moments we shared this summer. It wasn’t going to last, and so we made the best of it.


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