Vintage Auto Excellence

Weekly Photo Challenge – Victory: “Forget the sad times. This week, it’s all about revelling in a win.”

The Winter Park Concours d’Elegance was held this past weekend and I had the honor of tagging along with The Wilson Collection crew. The Councours is an invitation only, judged car show with the best of the best of the art of the automobile on display on the fairways of the Winter Park Country Club.

The Wilson Collection was asked to show three hot rods and two vintage motorcycles. Of the five showings, four took home medals for excellence: three silver and one gold. I am not affiliated with The Wilson Collection, other than my oldest friend is in charge of finding solutions to the most difficult problems of keeping a collection of over 100 cars running in driving condition, but it still felt good to be in the company of such success.

Hundreds of cars were on display. Stutz, Packard, Ferrari, Ford, Buick, Lotus…you name it and it was probably there. There were one-off concept cars, including a Bizzarrini and a Buick Cycle Car, and rare cars like the Qvale. But it was the 1973 Ferrari 246 GTS Dino that had me picking my jaw up off the ground. Not because it was a Ferrari, but because in 1975 this very automobile won the Cannonball Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, driving from New York City to Los Angeles in a record-breaking 35 hours 53 minutes. That’s an average 83 MPH. Illegal as the race may have been, it’s an impressive victory.


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