Peace Begins with a Letter

So I saw this and I thought, well of course peace begins with a letter; it begins with the letter P. Because I think in semi-colons. Then I read it and I thought, no fair; I just wrote a letter last month. Apparently I do think in semi-colons.

So this just may become the Year of The Epistle for me, because four letters counts as a year’s worth of Dears. What. It does. How many letters have you written this year? (Don’t answer that, Goldfish. You’re the Letter Queen.)

Dear Children,

I heard you laughing last night. I heard you try to stifle the sounds in pillows and teddy bears. I heard you. My first thought was to remind you it was bedtime. My second thought prevailed: I let you laugh. I listened, and though I had no idea what in the world was so hysterical to you both that neither of you could catch your breath, I found myself laughing with you, on the other side of the door, in your world and in mine. I laughed.

My dear children, please, never stop laughing. Laugh until you can’t speak. Laugh until you can’t breath. Laugh until tears run from your eyes and snot from your nose. Just laugh, as much as you can, as often as you can.

Laughter is the absence of anger, as light is the absence of darkness. In laughter is peace, and love. There is no room for malice in laughter. It is a connection of souls that creates lasting memories. It is a human connection. When we laugh together, we are one in our joy.

Laughter is contagious, like chicken pox but with less itchies. In laughter is kindness, and joy. It pays itself forward – a laugh shared is shared and shared again. There is no room for ill-will in laughter. It consumes the moment and pushes aside all bickering and hurt. It is all-consuming. When we laugh together, we are at peace with each other.

When I finally opened the door, I did not find you in your room. You were in a jungle, together, peacefully. My sweet daughter, you soared above the canopy as the most beautiful purple parakeet, and my sweet son, you guarded the floor as a mighty tiger. You were laughing. You were imagining. You were creating. You were you at your happiest, and at the center was your laughter.

My dear children, please, never stop laughing. It is the secret ingredient. It is the fountain of youth. It is peace. It will carry us through our times of tears. It is what we will have and share together.


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18 thoughts on “Peace Begins with a Letter

  1. Love this, Melanie. Laughter is peace. I’m so happy that you not only share these moments with your beautiful children, but document them as well, or as Brene Brown says, “making a picture memory.” I think if we all focused on making children laugh rather than causing them to cry, we would have peace in no time. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


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