Outdoors Indoors


Mushroom in the Poinsettia, 20 June 2014

I left the windows in my house open until the last possible minute. Four days after shutting out the fresh air and the humidity that was building, I noticed this mushroom had sprouted in my poinsettia pot. I was struck by the contrast between the white mushroom and the black soil, the outdoors growing indoors, the two inch mushroom next to the two foot poinsettia.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast – “Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.”


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*Featured and Post Image are mine: Mushroom, 20 June 2014
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2 thoughts on “Outdoors Indoors

  1. Smurfs! Have you seen any Smurfs yet? They are often found amongst such mushrooms but hide very well.Keep your eyes peeled, Also if you have a cat, they like to tease cats so watch to see if your pet is particularly nervous.


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