Here Comes The Rain Again

Weekly Photo Challenge – Transition: “For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Let life itself be your muse.”


Transition panorama

I’m still wearing shorts and t-shirts. The transition from summer to fall to winter hasn’t happened yet. Yet. It may not happen. Ask me next Spring. By then I’ll know what Central Florida “winter” is like. I spent Thanksgiving sitting outside in a sleeveless dress, barefoot, sipping wine and watching my children ride their bikes through the leftover puddles of the afternoon rain.

It rains every day, almost — or so it seems. The beautiful blue sky clouds over and washes the Earth with a cleansing rain; then the clouds disappear and the blue sky returns.


It happens so fast. It’s sunny, it’s cloudy, it’s raining, it’s sunny again. But I’m still wearing shorts and t-shirts, so I don’t complain. I don’t do cold. Here, I don’t have to. Yet. Yet may not happen. Ask me next Spring.


*Featured and Post Images © Melanie
Creative Commons License.
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