Acrostic Peace

The February Bloggers For Peace challenge is to create an advertisement for peace.


I asked myself what does peace mean and how can I get this across in a visual? I’m a wordy-word lady with very little, ok no, graphic design experience. While pondering peace, and staring at my book shelf, Edgar Allen Poe spoke and I listened. What is peace? Answer in an acrostic, I thought. Since it’s a black and white issue, or should be at least, I chose not to fight with color.

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32 thoughts on “Acrostic Peace

  1. //bow// You are so incredible. I don’t know how someone with “no, graphic design experience” makes this incredible poster for peace. I love the acrostic–truth be told, I had to look up “acrostic” on the internet. I love the black and white symbolism. I love the small cursive “Bloggers for Peace” and smaller peace sign in the corners. I love the offset (don’t know what it is called when the image is bigger than the space). Your symbol makes me think peace and yin/yang. I love the inclusion of “charity”–makes me think of John Lennon’s Imagine. Love the repetition of “equal”–gives balance especially when paired with the smaller white peace sign inside the black peace sign. I could go on, but I think I will just reblog. ||bow||


    • Oh wow. Thank you. I was worried it look juvenile. And thank you for the reblog compliments! I’m glad you started this movement. {hugs}


  2. Reblogged this on everyday gurus and commented:
    You guys have to see this. It is “so simpo” yet so powerful, like “a finger pointing at the moon.” Please enjoy all this heavenly glory. Extra points if you guess who “This is Corn” is. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • I didn’t tell anybody. I snuck over here very quietly. Kozo and Twindaddy (at Stuphblog) said the same thing. I don’t really want to put it on the Donkey blog that I’m here too because Donkey reads that one (he probably reads this one too and I just don’t know it yet).


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