On Sand and Asphalt, Part 5

This is part five of this nine part series. Please comment, question, critique, and criticize. With your help, I hope to work this into a successful story.

Stopped in her Tracks

Sally walked to the fence separating innocence and experience. Her shoulders fell. She reached out to the chain-link barrier and grabbed hold. Her back slouched. Her head leaned to the right. She sighed deeply.  She smiled.

“Man. What a life. Being a kid,” she said, to no one.

Horns honked as lights turned green. Go already, echoed from an open Saab window. Parents arrived to pick up their morning-session kindergartners. Sweetie, hello! Mommy missed you, shouted a mother to her first born. Lunchers whizzed into parking spots. Glad you could make it, greeted a businessman to his client.  Outdoor tables filled. Welcome to Town Grill. What can I get you to drink? asked a uniformed waiter. Glasses clinked against glasses. Forks scrapped faux-china plates. Registers rang, Change dropped. The world was silent to Sally.

To Be Continued…

2 thoughts on “On Sand and Asphalt, Part 5

    • Yes, actually. The odd-numbered sections are in 3rd person and the even-numbered sections are in 1st person.
      Thanks for reading, still. {hugs} back at ya


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