At the River’s Bend

— Are you available? — (Holy cow, are you kidding me!) Yes, yes I can be. I am. I’m available; I’ll be there.

I was presented with the opportunity for a trip of a lifetime. And that’s saying something because I’ve taken a lot of trips. So I boarded a plane and took off on yet another adventure.

I landed in Milwaukee, spent the night at a hotel by the airport, and took the first morning shuttle to Kohler, Wisconsin. Yes. That Kohler — the designer and manufacturer of faucets and such. First stop was lunch at the Blackwolf Run Restaurant overlooking the gorgeous River and Meadow Valleys golf courses.


I allowed myself the treat of an afternoon drink and opted for the local brew: Spotted Cow. It paired well with the seared Angus tenderloin tips with cocoa whipped chocolate mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus that I ordered for lunch. Are you jealous yet? I am.

With a full and happy belly I headed to the Kohler Waters Spa across the tree-lined street from the Kohler factory, mostly hidden from view by ivy covered brick walls.

Then it was time to become acquainted with my accommodations. I had the privilege of staying in the Carriage House at Riverbend with a view of the Sheboygan River.

I made my way to the main house through the covered walkway and walked the grounds of the estate until it was time for dinner. Gorgeous, beautiful, breath-taking…pick your adjective, but know it will pale to the surroundings.

Dinner was served in courses and paired with a wine appropriate for the entire meal. To say it was delicious doesn’t do it justice.

I relished the experience under the full moon and retired to my room for the night. I enjoyed my morning coffee on the lawn, startled still, over 12 hours later, to see manicured nails on my hands.


After a casual lunch on the patio I made my way to River Wildlife for an afternoon of trapshooting.

That evening, after a most pleasant meal at the Lodge Restaurant with a main course of Asiago cheese & almond crusted Canadian walleye with citrus caper remoulade, I relaxed in the Rathskeller with a few glasses of wine and a few games of billiards.


I returned to the spa the next morning for a massage, then boarded the shuttle and returned to Milwaukee to fly back home. Never before have I stayed at such a luxurious place. Never before have I been so well taken care of and so catered to that I simply had to think of something for it to appear before me. Others carried my bags, others opened doors for me, others prepared my coffee, others turned down my bed and left me cookies on the night stand…all I had to do was enjoy myself and enjoy myself I did.

This is not my life. But for 72 hours it was.


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21 thoughts on “At the River’s Bend

    • I had never heard of them either. They were good. Not to die for I have to have them again, but I cleaned my plate. They did not taste like chocolate. It was more like a spice than a flavor.


    • It was heaven. I got a bottle of that polish to take home for matching toenails. 🙂
      I did like trapshooting. I didn’t expect to, but it was actually enjoyable. It took two days for my shoulder to recover though.

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  1. That is awesome Melanie. I’ve stayed at high end resorts about twice in my life – won trips – and it amazes me. It’s like stepping into a different world. i can understand how anyone who lives that way could quickly lose track of what reality is all about. Yikes! Love that trap shooting – I’ve never tried it before but it looks like fun and isn’t something you see very often as a resort activity (at least not here in Canada). That is so cool that you got a chance to live that way for a while. You must feel very relaxed – pampering does that. You most certainly deserve a break Melanie.

    Great Post and superb photos. Thank You.


    • Thank you Paul. Your compliments gave me a smile.
      This is the second time I’ve experienced this level of elegance and service. The last time was 15 years ago on a cruise to an island whose name I no longer remember.
      The trapshooting was fun. I was nervous going in. I’d shot a gun only once before and only one time. I said I was going to score it like golf–low score wins–so I’d have a chance. But I did ok. The guide was great. He explained the different choices in guns so I could make an informed selection. He was patient and took time with me so I didn’t pull the trigger until I was completely comfortable and let me take a couple of shots before he put a target in the air so I would know what to expect out of it. I missed the first and hit the second, and then I was hooked. There was just something so satisfying about seeing that orange saucer explode.


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