(In Memoriam)

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog link-up. The Challenge – write a one hundred word (plus or minus) story with a beginning, middle, and end inspired by the picture. The Key – make every word count.

The picture is worth a thousand words. These are another one hundred.



The field fallowed. 
The silo stood majestic
And wretched.

Nature encroached.
It took the windows.
Then it took the roof. 
Neighbors and more pleaded to come
With hammer and nail to repair the damage.

Damage was, though, yet another revolution to the beauty. 
The beauty was in the drought and decay. 
New aesthetics emerged from the formerly functional,
Though functional preserved.

The silo would be restored.
But if the field never flowers again?
But if the sky never cries again?

Would it be that the field failed or the sky dried.
But, no, it was the silo who fell.


99 words. Tribute to Grayson Queen, creative, blogger, husband to Rarasaur; to the difficulties they faced, to their love, to his death. If you are so inclined to send your #rawrlove to Rara, her address is here.

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*Image Copyright © Marie Gail Stratford
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20 thoughts on “(In Memoriam)

  1. Wow Mel , this is excellent. I so often feel that way when i see old buildings that flourished years gone by and now lay in disrepair. How like life they feel. Their days were once full as people came and went, and the building proudly did its part to support and nourish – created with, and fulfilling a purpose. And now it lies abandoned; the world has moved on and left the structure sagging and peeling – viewed only with aversion.

    Indeed a fitting memorial to Grayson – so sad and now life is a little emptier; falling to circumstances as the world grinds on and over everything in its way.

    Thank you for sharing this Melanie. So sad and yet meaningful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Paul.
      I’m drawn to the abandoned. It sits decrepit, yet still vibrant with the hum of history.
      I wanted to do a memorial to Grayson this week, but I wasn’t sure the picture would lend to it. Or maybe it is that no matter I’d see loneliness as my heart aches for Rara.


  2. I like this. The field and sky remains. Last week I nominated you for the Liebster Award. But I did not notify you of that nomination! If you wish to accept and know more, please go to my blog “LIEBSTER AWARD – Part Three (You might want to read Parts One and Two also). There you will find information and rules regarding the acceptance of this award. It seems to be a fun way to get acquainted and build readers and followers. You will find my reason for nominating you on my blog. (Whee, I hope I’m doing this right!) Please let me know if you find me.


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