A Rose is a Rose

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid: “The theme for this week’s photo challenge is “Vivid.” Perhaps it’s your favorite flower in full bloom, a beautiful sunset or the color of your ice cream. Vivid is limited only by your imagination.”


This is one of my accidentally awesome photos. I wanted to capture the vivid color of the roses in the courtyard, and so I leaned over the hedge of bushes, balanced precariously on 4″ heels, aimed my iPhone camera at the rose bloom, and used the volume button to snap a picture. I couldn’t reach this flower from the other side, and I wanted this particular angle because of the sunlight, and so I chanced taking a picture without being able to see what was in frame.

a rose


*Featured Image and Post Image – Copyright Melanie (WritingInBoots)
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16 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose

    • I do too. I didn’t know I had captured that until I looked at the screen. I had the camera out at arms length and turned back towards me as I twisted away so I wouldn’t be in the shot. I figured it would show me what adjustments I needed to make to get a good picture. Instead it was a good picture. 🙂


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