From Missouri to Georgia to Florida, if I keep moving south I will fall into the ocean.Orlando 0I picked up the keys to my new house on Monday.

Orlando 1The house is as great as the internet promised, and, considering I did everything sight-unseen, that’s a pretty amazing thing.

Orlando 2There’s always an adjustment when moving, but that increases when moving to a completely new city, and increases more when moving to a completely new state. I’m no stranger to that. I’ve moved, moved, and moved again. This is not my first major move, nor my first out-of-state move. It’s not even my first sight-unseen move.

So now I adjust to life in Florida, with its lizards and strange birds.

Orlando 5

Orlando 6There is a beautiful lake across the street. Though it’s actually a detention pond, I’m forever going to call it a lake.

Orlando 4And I’ll enjoy it daily from my front porch.

Orlando 3

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33 thoughts on “#FLhereIam

    • Lol! Technically it’s to hold all the water from building neighborhoods, the rain, runoff, and the water table. But I like your idea better. Bad fishy!


  1. I moved to Florida from the midwest too! I’ve been here about 3.5 years now, the lizards are one of my favorite things about it 🙂 are you on the coast (east/west)? I’m new to your blog, was introduced by a mutual friend (Rarasaur), looking forward to getting to know you better!

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    • I moved out of the midwest 12 years ago. I love to go back and visit, but I don’t care for the winters anymore. I think that will only get worse now that I’m in Florida.

      Rarasaur is so wonderful. I’m glad she sent you my way. I’m in the Orlando area, on the east side. The coast isn’t far, but hopefully far enough that I don’t have to board up my windows for any hurricanes. 🙂

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  2. Very nice Mel. I see the lady in boots has arrived in Florida. YeeeHA! You know what always seems strange to me? Houses in Florida are all built on a concrete slab and have no basements because of the high water table. Here in Canada where I was born and raised that is not possible because of the frost. All buildings must go at least 4 feet below ground level to get below the frost or the first winter they heave and twist and fall down. .I lived in a house where the previous owner had added a big deck to the rear and had just set it on the ground (decks should have 4 foot post holes dug and filled with cement for the deck to sit on). The first winter the deck twisted up about 2 feet at one end – it looked like a crazy wave. It is pretty wild, the power of the frost. If the city has to dig in winter for a broken water main or such, the ground is so hard they have top treat it like solid rock.

    Sigh, listen to me. It would be so nice to live in Florida. I hope you have a great time Mel.

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    • It was terrifying until I got here, and then excitement took over. Settling in is taking longer than I expected. I still have so many boxes!


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