Monthly Peace Challenge: I Have a Dream

Monthly Peace Challenge: I Have a Dream. Publish what your dream of peace looks like.

MPC2The complications of peace are too much to wrap my head around. I’ve never tried to dream of world peace, only pieces of peace. World peace is so complex, what with money and religion, from wars to divorce. That’s asking for human rights: gay rights, civil rights, religious rights, and all-everyone-everything rights. That’s asking for no class systems anywhere, no jealousy, no greed or coveting, no competition…no humans being human.

I have something, a piece of peace. I can share it and spread it and comfort those around me. It’s nothing complex, much like last month.

The thing about it is that we all have it. Every one of us. If we can all pass it along, just for one day, each and every one of us, from one person to another, and with the digitally connected world we could spread it, and maybe, just maybe, for a single moment everyone in the world will feel the quiet calm of peace take over their core.

We could all smile. A real genuine smile. Even on my worst of days, if someone smiles at me I find myself smiling, even if only to myself. It’s infectious.

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Peace Challenge: I Have a Dream

  1. Melanie, I love the line “no humans being human.” It just means that we have to re-claim humanity from those who took it. Bono: “This is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles. We are stealing it back.”
    Yes, you have a piece of peace. Thank you for sharing it. With Smiles and {{{Hugs}}} kozo


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