Dreams Deferred

Five Sentence Fiction is a weekly blog link-up based on a word prompt. The Challenge – write a complete story in five sentences. There is no word count limit, or any restriction on sentence length (proper grammar notwithstanding). This challenge is hosted weekly by Lillie McFerrin. The word for this week is Waiting.


Dreams Deferred

The lingering stench was the worst.

It was easy enough to forget the aching feet, tired shoulders, heavy eyes; the rude customers, the small tips, the cook’s lewd comments. Those stayed at the diner, but the smell of grease and beer stuck to her clothes, even after going through the washing machine.

Waiting tables wasn’t exactly the great culmination of dreams come true. But then, neither was the baby sleeping in a bassinet in her bedroom.


NewFSFBadge-1Five sentences – can you do it? Why not try! When you’re finished, add your story to the Linky link, and read and enjoy other’s five-sentence stories.

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11 thoughts on “Dreams Deferred

  1. Ah. This brought back memories of my summer working at Dairy Queen. My red, polyester uniform smelling of spoilt milk and spilled Blizzards™. Luckily I was only 14, so no baby in the play, just long, hard summer nights for a lousy $3.25 an hour.


    • While writing this I could almost smell the funk of my old Applebee’s shirts. And the apron! Yuck! That was even worse. That was pre-baby for me too, but it wasn’t for everyone I worked with.


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