Rocket Ship Buildings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur – “A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.”


By the time we arrive in the city, the kids have long since fallen asleep. Before we set off on our dive I usually ask them, “do you want me to wake you for the rocket-ship buildings?” When my son was three he decided the Atlanta skyline was not made up of tall buildings, but gleaming rocket ships waiting to take him to the moon and back. We still call them rocket-ship-buildings.

2 Blur

Usually my son says yes and my daughter says no. This time, they both said yes, but only my daughter actually woke for the allure of the lights. Since her little brother was so sound asleep, and would surely be disappointed he missed the rocket-ship-buildings, she asked for my phone to take pictures for him.

3 Blur

These are the pictures she took. Not one is in focus, but that makes them all the better. She likes taking pictures, like her momma. And she’s got an eye for it. She doesn’t always pay attention, but when she does, she does well.

1 Blur

Plus, the rocket-ship-buildings really are a blur as we wizz by at 70 MPH. I’ve only ever had a glimpse.

4 Blur


*Featured Image and Post Images – Copyright Melanie’s daughter
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