Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog link-up led by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to PurpleThe Challenge – write a one hundred word (plus or minus) story with a beginning, middle, and end inspired by the picture*. The Key – make every word count.

The picture is worth a thousand words. These are another one hundred.

*Image Copyright © Stephen Baum



She stopped when she saw the shadow: two lines, like legs. Her gut tightened. Detective Michaels had told her, Never take the same way twice. She considered turning back. He knows your routine; to avoid him, avoid routine. She had, mostly.

“I am not afraid!” Her words echoed. Footsteps echoed with them.

The cards said, BE MINE. One a week for a year, no matter where she slept.

She turned quickly and crashed into a man. “Watch it,” he said, and walked on. She breathed relief, slowed down, turned the corner, and crashed into another man.

He said, “be mine.”


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28 thoughts on “BE MINE

  1. This is one of the few situations where you wish you lived in an “open-carry” state, so you could pull out your .45 Magnum and empty it into the bastard. Sianara sucker!


    • No, it certainly wouldn’t. An empty and isolated tunnel is no place for confrontation, unless you’re the stalker, of course..


    • It’s a wonder she could let her guard down, though, in this place, it’s not likely to have mattered one way or the other.


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